Friday, May 06, 2005

Long awaited package finally came

Yay, my long awaited package of Muga silk roving and sari silk waste finally got here. I only waited a month for it. I already had 1 1/2 pounds of the muga sitting here waiting for the sari silk to add to it while spinning. Now it seems like I might have to wait to spin. My hand got torn up by my mother-in-law's cat.

We are still waiting for the 2 girls to give birth. Boy we really must have miscalculated dates. Stacie keeps getting bigger and bigger, her belly is almost dragging the ground. We are hoping for twins, triplets are too much to hope for. Treeflower isn't quite as large. Their udders are quite large too. They are bigger than the last time they had babies. So baby watch continues......

I get to get up early and go to an auction instead of the Maryland Sheep and Wool show. Hubby owes me big. Made him promise to take me to the Ohio one over Memorial day weekend. Plus I get to go to the one here in Waynesburg. But its still not the same. Oh well maybe he will buy me something good tomorrow. I think I will dig out some simple knitting to take with me to work on.


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