Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Well, I thought I would try to post here more often. The kids started back to school yesterday so now I will have more time. Especially since I work from home now.

I am working on 2 knitting projects right now and will start a 3rd by the end of the week. The first one is the Shedir hat from the knitty.com pink ribbon issue. It is being worked in a baby blue cashmere yarn I got a great deal on.

The second is the on-going Aran afghan. I have over half of the squares done. I don't know why I just don't buckle down and finish it. It only takes 1-2 days to knit up a block. I believe I have 13 of 24 blocks done.

The third will by my Rogue sweater once my kit comes. I tried starting this but I didn't like the yarn I was using, it was mainly the color I didn't like. I came across a web-site with the kits and they were pretty cheap.

The goats are all doing great. I think all of the girls are pregnant again, except for the littlest baby girls, May and Coco and maybe Gretel. It is such fun to have the little babies around even if they aren't lambs. Maybe our luck with the girls will continue. We had 3 girls and 2 boys this year. Just wish and hope my dairy girls are pregnant. I can't wait to start making things with goat milk.

Hickory my Angora goat will get a haircut this weekend, I can't tell if she is pregnant and ready to drop or just fat from her hair. I will be able to get a bunch of good usable fiber from her this time. I have been really bad about shearing her and letting it go to long and it is not usable.


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