Saturday, September 02, 2006

The finish of one and the start of another

I finished my Shedir cap. I had just enough yarn. The skein said 200 yards and the pattern said it needed a 170 yard skein. I had less than 5 yards left. It turned out great. Will have to take some pictures of if and post them later. I love it. It is so soft.

A bit later I started on the Rogue sweater. The yarn that came with the kit and was suggested by the designer is so stiff and scratchy. I don't understand why a designer would use a yarn like that. And to think I waited almost 2 months to get this from the store I ordered it from. First they had to wait until they got a new shipment of patterns from the designer "The Girl Form Auntie" then once the patterns came in they ordered the yarn which they had to wait to do until they had a minimum order amount. If I had known all of this I would have just ordered the pattern from the designer and found my own yarn. I had started this pattern before but lost the pattern and didn't like the color of yarn I had picked. Originally I paid for the pattern and downloaded it. It really was a hassle because the pattern is like 20 pages long.

I will still plug on with it. I will wear other shirts underneath like I had planned. I am sure it will be fine and I may just be gripey because when I got up this morning I had 3 call offs for work this morning and everyone who said they would work this morning if I called and asked turned me down. And the weather also sucks today. It better get better for the party tomorrow.

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